Making a music video is an effective way of marketing your brand. If you are a filmmaker, it is easier for you to determine what song will work best with the concept of promoting your business. If you are not an experienced filmmaker, hire a cheap video production company to create a video, it might cost you a lot. One good idea is to create your own music video. Here are the few tips to chart your way in making your first music video.

First, you need to have a production team and equipment. Ask your friends and family to help you. Generally, even if your music video is very simple, you still need the following crew: a cameraman, lighting director, director, make-up/costume artists, and actors.

Now that you have the right manning, it’s time to pick up the right tools. Check first whatever equipment you already have, if what you have isn’t good enough; consider borrowing from someone you know. If your budget allows you to buy your own equipment, then a good quality video camera, microphone, and lighting system are basically what you need. Ask for professional advice or do your research before buying these equipment.

Next, plan your shoot. Consider where and when you are going to shoot the video. Have a checklist of what you will need during the shoot. You might need an extra battery, food, external hard drive, generator, etc. Convene your team and ask for their input as well.  Make sure they know their role in the project.

Before the shoot, set a meeting to discuss the storyboards. Plan ahead what is needed during each scene and shot. Each crew must be well-informed on what they exactly need to do and to prepare for each scene. Make sure the props are ready, and the camera man and the lighting director knows what they need to do to achieve a specific video effect.

During the filming, keep everything organized, from your equipment to your crew. It is a good idea if your team will know the time table to give them an idea of what shot they need to finish on a given time. This will help them create a better strategy to make shooting more smooth and according to plan.

Supposing your shot turned at well, it’s time for editing. This is the stage when you really need to hire a professional who can do the best editing possible. This is the last stage to make the video as effective as it should be. Merging the right music with the films is quite complicated so if none from your team knows how to do proper editing, it is better to ask help from a professional.

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