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Guest Posting Guidelines

This blog is here to create a supporting atmosphere and share tips or interesting information. To bring us closer to the readers, we more than welcome guest posts. This allows us to spread new and amazing ideas, keep in touch with you and capture new trends. However, if you want to submit your writing, you have to make sure it meets out criteria.

Requirements for a Guest Blog Post

  1. The content should be unique.
    We don’t want to see any plagiarized texts coming. If you want to see your post published, you need to make sure it’s free of plagiarism and doesn’t contain any cliché phrases.
  2. Your writing shouldn’t contain any grammar and lexical mistakes.
    It’s easy to check this, so if your paper is full of mistakes, that only means you didn’t want to spend your time to correct those. Use online checkers or do it manually, it’s your choice.
  3. The content should be related to our blog topic.
    We are focused on IT and video subjects, so we’d be glad to post something related to those topics. Otherwise, our readers won’t be interested in your writing, and we don’t want that.
  4. Don’t write obvious things.
    There is no need to restate the things that everyone already knows. Make sure your post contains some interesting tips, ideas or advice, that people don’t know.
  5. Don’t include too many links or spam.
    It’s okay to include a link to your own blog or to out article, but don’t get too excited with those. Your post shouldn’t be full of spam links that won’t benefit a reader. The best way to check this is to ask yourself if that link would really help anyone.
  6. Include titles and subheaders, lists.
    Your post should have a title. If you want to make it reader-friendly, include bullet points and lists of things. You can divide your post into different sections and name them, but make sure the titles are catchy and sound interesting.
  7. Write clearly and structure your work.
    Your post should have an introduction and a conclusion. This is the simplest organizational requirement. Make sure you can get your point across and don’t confuse the audience with messy writing.

If your post meets all of the requirements, feel free to submit it. We will surely read it and contact you as soon as possible. If you fail to meet the criteria, please, don’t submit your post. Everything will be checked and revised before publishing. We value our readers and try to provide them with the best content.

Good luck! We are waiting for you!