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About Us

We’re crazy about fitness and wellness and we hope by the time you have seen our work, you will be too!

We have been producing great routines and exercise plans since 2004 and in our time, have done just about everything.

Whether it is a personal routine for a person aiming to lose 60 pounds, to helping people tailor their diets and exercise regime for special occasions, we can provide it all.

All our work is available to view online and we can make everything from short routines for those who are busy and on the go to more in depth fitness routines. Documentaries, academic topics, interviews, animations, music videos… we can turn our hand to most topics and styles.



Vincent has been directing short films for twenty years. He has produced pop videos, marketing promos for top companies and short films.

Whatever your vision, Vincent is on a mission to bring it to life.

He has won several awards, including most recently Marketing Shorts 2016.


Andy is passionate about film and fitness and has a post graduate qualification in Film Production. He is involved in all aspects of video production and editing.

He is also an experienced photographer and will be the one responsible for the style and technique employed on the film.


Mike has been working in fitness production for over twenty-five years and there is nothing he doesn’t know about sound.

But this is not all. Mike’s other strengths include photography and all other types of technical troubleshooting.


Andrea is our most senior trainers and editor and the one who will lick all our scripts into shape before shooting.

She works on all the routines for our productions, from the shortest thirty second commercial through to full length features.

Whether you want her to devise and write the entire production, or to work on a routine that has already been delivered, she will ensure the highest standards throughout.